WIW: balloon jeans

I jumped on the balloon jean bandwagon with this mauve pair from Madewell. These are right up my alley: I love the wider leg, the fabric (all cotton, but so soft), and the color! I got them last week, have already worn and washed them and am wearing them again today.

I am unsure of the fit; perhaps I could have gone a size down, but I didn't try, and it's too late now. These are the smaller of two sizes I usually wear in jeans, and the sales associate told me they do run large. I was able to try them on in store, but in blue, and I ordered these based on that try-on, which was perfect. This color may run a little bit larger than the blue ones. Anyway, they feel great; flattery is another matter.

The outfit: Balloon jeans in vintage petal (Madewell); asymmetric drawstring-hem cowl-neck top in a lightweight sweater knit with a Venice scene print (made by me), black Chelsea boots (Pikolinos).

I thought I would give you all views, even the less flattering back view, just fyi. I welcome any thoughts you may have.

P.S. I don't know why the Find photo doesn't show up. I've tried several times to "collect" the item, and it keeps showing up with no picture, even though there are plenty of them on the website. :(


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WIW: new pullover & oldish jeans

Here is a pretty typical outfit for me these days. My pandemic style is generally jeans + t-shirt & cardigan or jeans + pullover. I am only occasionally working (still at OSKA, but as a substitute, not a regular part-timer), and when I go out of the house, I'm either exercising or picking up take-out food or coffee.

Lately I have been focusing on color, trying to get back to the ones that look best on me. Without lipstick (which I avoid because of masks now--although in the pics below I have on tinted lip balm), I find that wearing flattering colors is now more important to me. I bought several new things during recent sales, and this pullover is one of them. Definitely a keeper. I got it yesterday and am wearing it today.
I haven't been here much lately, I know, and can't even bring myself to "review" this awful, personally wrenching year. But I do appreciate the YLF community!
The outfit (worn for a rainy day spent mostly indoors at home, except for a take-out crepe and coffee run!): Blue and white marled pullover (Joie, Kamryn); blue cropped straight-leg Mom jeans (Levis, Wedgie); black moto boots (Blondo, Camila); gray tweed-print puffer (OSKA); black and navy leather and wool baseball cap; hammer silver-tone pendant (Lucky).
Thanks for looking, and thanks for being here!


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WIW: summer dresses

Finally we have some good summer dress weather! I made a couple of bright summer dresses recently, and now I have the opportunity to wear them. Yesterday I wore the linen dress, and today I am wearing the t-shirt dress.
When I made the linen one, I thought, wow, this is bright! But the brightness is still somewhat muted, so I felt like it suited me. I like it.
The t-shirt dress is a much brighter bright, to me, and I'm not sure yet how I feel about it. Maybe it would be better as a nightgown. Your thoughts?

The outfits:
1) Floral linen short-sleeved shift dress (made by me, from Allie Olson Coram Shirt and Dress pattern); silver platform sandals (Mephisto).
2) Floral knit short-sleeved t-shirt dress (made by me, from Style Arc Mary Dress pattern); silver platform sandals (Mephisto).


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WIW: white jeans for Angie

Totally inspired by Angie on today's outfit. Well, I have to say anytime I wear white jeans, I think of Angie.
The outfit: Off-white jeans (Levis, Wedgie Icon); blue and white finely striped pullover blouse (made by me); off-white high top leather sneakers (Paul Green); white watch (Casio); blue and white striped earrings (artisan, gift); bird-print bandana as mask.
I've been omitting lipstick during this physical distancing and mask-wearing time. I've found lipstick and masks (or scarf-masks) don't mix well.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate any thoughts you wish to share.


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WIW: Corona couture

I've made a few t-shirts during these days at home. This one is from one of my favorite patterns, which enables me to use beloved remnants from past projects. I wore this outfit at home and on a bike ride to the post office and to stop for coffee and a treat to go.

The outfit: Pieced t-shirt in purple plaid-like sweater knit, plus solid purple and gray-and-cream-striped jersey knits (made by me); dark boyfriend jeans (AG), gray metallic lace-up booties (Homers).

Thanks for looking! Any thoughts you wish to share are appreciated.


WIW: boyfriend jeans, then and now

Here are a couple of then-and-now looks, with boyfriend jeans. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose!

I think YLF introduced me to boyfriend jeans, when they became a trend. I loved the idea of them then, and I love them now. I searched high and low for just the right style for me. My first love was a pair by Fidelity.

2013 (photos 1-2): The Fidelity boyfriend jeans, with a black, gray, and cream blurry-starry print long-sleeved tee (made by me), a gray quilted leather peplum jacket (Halogen), black shimmer-suede oxfords (Naya), and a studded statement-buckle jeans belt (Bed Stu). [the jacket in photo 2 is different, but I wanted you to see the back of the jeans.]

& 2019 (photo 3): Same tee as above, with new favorite boyfriend jeans, a slimmer style with slightly higher rise (Citizens of Humanity, Emerson), fuzzy animal print cardigan in cream and gray (Free People), a newer favorite studded jeans belt (Suzi Roher), and black Chelsea boots (Dune London).

2014 (photos 4-5): Fidelity boyfriend jeans, ivory long sleeved tee (Caslon), metallic linen asymmetrical vest (made by me), taupe belt, belted ballet flats (AGL).

& 2017 (photos 6-7): Citizens of Humanity boyfriend jeans, teal long sleeved tee (Caslon), ivory boiled-wool vest (made by me), brown lace-up booties (Jo Ghost). Vest is from the same pattern as the one above.

2014 (photos 8-9): Slim dark boyfriend jeans (KUT, Catherine--a YLF favorite!), with a long sleeved tee (Caslon) and print boiled-wool cap-sleeve top (made by me), metallic high-top sneakers (Paul Green).

& 2019 (photos 10-11): Slim higher-rise dark boyfriend jeans (AG), with pattern-striped cotton cap-sleeve top (made by me), metallic snake-print sling-back booties (Gentle Souls). Top made from the same pattern as the one above.

This was a fun idea--thanks, Carla! I welcome any comments or observations you all wish to share.


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WIW: midi dress and stompy boots

I tried Angie's outfit formula of Midi Dress and Stompy Boots. I had tried this dress and boots together in the past but didn't really like the look; I switched to some tall boots instead. This time I decided it was okay, and I wore the outfit to work.

The outfit: Olive lantern-shaped dress and brown-black boiled wool asymmetric vest (both OSKA); print Doc Martens in olive and brown tones.

I might wear this outfit again. I think I need to shorten the dress by a few inches. It's kind of a chore, so I keep putting it off.

Thanks for looking! I welcome any thoughts you might have.


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WIW: adding interest to an outfit

I read Angie's post today before I got dressed for work, so I had her concepts in mind as I put the outfit together. I planned to wear this olive dress today, but I wasn't sure what accessories or footwear I would add. The dress can be kind of a blank slate for me, as I have lots of warm- and cooler-weather pieces to add to it. (Which is a good thing, because I will be wearing it often through December, as it is part of my work "uniform" this season.)

Today I was wearing my white sports watch, and when I put on the dress, I liked the crisp white watch with it. So I decided to try my stone colored knit double-breasted jacket, and then added cream-and-taupe sandals that also echoed the light tones of the watch and jacket. The jacket and sandals are bookends, and I would say the sandals also bookend my hair--thus, I used idea #4, bookending, from Angie's list. The chunky sports watch with a dress and jacket is a nod to  #2, irregular juxtaposition, and I would say the jacket itself incorporates this idea, as it is a double-breasted blazer made out of a very casual fabric, linen-cotton knit, with raw edges. To go further with #2, I might have worn my white sneakers, but I felt there was enough sporty-casual going on already here.
On the dressy or more feminine side, I added brass-toned earrings, a statement-y bolo necklace with a stone that echoes the light tones of the jacket, and a brassy bracelet. I like to wear brass jewelry with the color olive; I prefer brass to gold, because it's more casual and muted. Perhaps this would be considered shine, as in #1, color, pattern, texture, and shine, but it is shine on my terms, i.e., not too shiny! I defnitely thought of #1 when I added the bag with a burnished pewter faux leather and mixed denim-based prints. I feel like this bag really adds something to this otherwise pretty quiet, subtle outfit.

The pieces: Dress Jove in olive and jacket Bony, in pearl (OSKA); cream and taupe sandals (P.Monjo); bolo necklace (Madewell); brass earrings (Marjorie Baer); brass bracelet (Jenny Bird); white sports watch (Casio, Baby G); mixed print bag with pewter faux leather base and handles (made by me).

It was fun to invent and analyze an outfit using Angie's tried-and-true tips for creating interest. Thanks for looking, and I welcome any comments or ideas you'd like to share.


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WIW: birthday dinner outfit

Here's what I wore for my birthday dinner this evening. It's a dress I bought in Paris several years ago and wore on my birthday during that trip. So it has sentimental value to me, even though I don't wear it often. I like to use dinner out for an occasion as a reason to dress a little more than usual, even if I could just go to the restaurant in jeans.

The outfit:
Gray silk layered low-waisted dress; nude pumps (AGL); blush bag (Nordstrom); blush and rose-gold watch (Olivia Burton); fresh-water pearl bracelet (Lucky); rose gold necklace and rose gold with abalone earrings (Kendra Scott); bone linen sweater (Nic & Zoe).

Thanks for looking!
I appreciate any thoughts you wish to share.


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WIW: casual summer palazzo pants

I decided to try Angie's Outfit Formula: Casual Summer Palazzo Pants today, for a dinner party with family. I used formula 1: palazzo pants with a sleeveless shell and flat sandals.

The outfit: Black split-leg cropped palazzo pants (can't recall the brand, but they are several years old); boxy linen shell in olive, turquoise, silver-grey and black (made by me); flat ankle-strap standals (Eileen Fisher).

How did I do? Do you think these are palazzo pants? They don't seem quite like the current trend.

Thanks for looking!