Trying different toppers with an outfit

I am continuing on ChristinaF's no-jeans challenge through the end of this month. I've been taking photos and saving them for one post at the end. But with today's no-jeans outfit, I tried different toppers and thought I would share the results here.

The backstory is that I'm in a bit of style flux right now, having a hard time putting together outfits. I seem to have a lot of pieces I like, but it's a challenge to make outfits that I really love. Part of it is transitional weather, which others have noted recently; I want to wear spring clothes, but I need closer to winter warmth. But also I've been reexamining color and realizing that much of what I have in my wardrobe is okay but not my best colors. And I've been finding I don't always have the right length of topper to complete an outfit and keep me warm. Finally, I've been questioning what styles actually suit me, and whether my style is evolving in a direction I like or not. This unsettled-ness may be influenced by what feels like a turn in the pandemic, with a gradual un-masking occurring.

These pants fall into that color category. They are a near-miss color-wise, from my previous "work" capsules at OSKA, where I needed to wear articles from lines that were current at the time. They are a super comfy style, like wearing pajamas. I am considering passing them on, because they are too much of an outlier--I have very little to go with them, other than a couple of matching OSKA tops (which were too dark for my spring mood).

The outfits: Plum drapey viscose knit pants with a yoga-pant style waistband (OSKA); mixed-print tee (made by me); white platform low-top sneakers (P448); white enamel and glass earrings with a bit of sparkle, worn with different toppers. . .

1-2) light heather gray sweatshirt jacket (Caslon)
3) short, boxy black denim jacket (made by me)
4) long black and white marled cardigan (Bobeau)
5) short, boxy charcoal lofty wool v-neck cardigan (ISCHIKO)

The sneakers are new, and I just had to wear them. I went with 1-2 for my short trip this morning for coffee and running DH to an eye exam.

I'd be interested to hear your reactions to these outfits and the variations. Anyone else feeling unsettled in their style these days?


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