WIW: new pullover & oldish jeans

Here is a pretty typical outfit for me these days. My pandemic style is generally jeans + t-shirt & cardigan or jeans + pullover. I am only occasionally working (still at OSKA, but as a substitute, not a regular part-timer), and when I go out of the house, I'm either exercising or picking up take-out food or coffee.

Lately I have been focusing on color, trying to get back to the ones that look best on me. Without lipstick (which I avoid because of masks now--although in the pics below I have on tinted lip balm), I find that wearing flattering colors is now more important to me. I bought several new things during recent sales, and this pullover is one of them. Definitely a keeper. I got it yesterday and am wearing it today.
I haven't been here much lately, I know, and can't even bring myself to "review" this awful, personally wrenching year. But I do appreciate the YLF community!
The outfit (worn for a rainy day spent mostly indoors at home, except for a take-out crepe and coffee run!): Blue and white marled pullover (Joie, Kamryn); blue cropped straight-leg Mom jeans (Levis, Wedgie); black moto boots (Blondo, Camila); gray tweed-print puffer (OSKA); black and navy leather and wool baseball cap; hammer silver-tone pendant (Lucky).
Thanks for looking, and thanks for being here!


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