new coat

I've been meaning to make this coat for about three years. That's when I made my first wool coat, in a class. Shortly after I finished that first one, I bought this much nicer fabric, a wine and black tweed, to make a second one. Between then and now, I decided to use a different pattern, so it's not the same style as my previous coat. (Although it is quite similar; it seems my taste is pretty consistent.)

Anyway, I just finished it. Here it is, hot off the pressing table. It's a straight style with asymmetric opening, stand collar, one button at top and hidden snaps down the front, in wine and black tweed with dark charcoal wool facings and tipping down the front. The single-welt pockets are also tipped. I used the Verona coat and jacket pattern from The Sewing Workshop. The fabric is Linton tweed, from, a wine soft-back rayon-acetate lining from Nancy's Sewing Basket in Seattle, and a charcoal wool remnant that I've had for some time.

Just had to share, especially since I've told everyone about the project and have mentioned it here on the forum, too. Thanks for looking!


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WIW & WIB: new coat and tee

I haven't posted outfits for a while, mostly because of a new schedule, but also I'm not that motivated. I feel I'm kind of on auto-pilot dressing, and my culled wardrobe makes it easy. Today, I decided to post because I'd like some feedback on this coat that hitched a ride home with me from Banana Republic.

Some background on the coat. I have been on the lookout for a warm winter coat. I've been wanting one that would cover my knees and be suitable for winter visits to the Midwest. I have considered down/puffer styles, and have tried on a few, but I really prefer good old-fashioned wool for my style.

After looking around online and in stores for a while, I haven't found anything that I'm crazy about within my budget, or perhaps even out of my budget, for that matter. The length is hard to find, and something not black or gray--well, that's just about impossible. I realize what I need to do is make the burgundy-toned coat I've been intending to make for 2 or 3 years now. It's a daunting project, and I keep putting it off. Yesterday I started the pattern work on it, and it's possible I could finish it in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, the coat I bought today isn't what I've been looking for--it isn't as long as I want, and it doesn't seem like it will be particularly warm. (Though there is room to layer a thick sweater underneath--a bonus.) So it doesn't preclude my long-put-off sewing project. I thought it was pretty cute, in the classic-with-a-twist way that always appeals to me. And it was ridiculously inexpensive (marked down further than what's shown on the website, plus an extra 40% off). So I could wear it a couple of seasons and not feel guilty about passing it on after that, right? What do you all think?

Yay: fun style to play with for a season or two
Nay: misguided impulse purchase

Photos 1-3: the coat (Banana Republic, Flocked-Hem Long Peacoat).

Photos 4-5: The outfit (worn for a day off and shopping): Straight-legged jeans (Kut from the Kloth, Stevie); mixed-media landscape print tee in brown and cream (made by me); taupe shredded-knit cashmere blend shrug (made by me); black and brown belt with studs (Suzi Roher); espresso moto boots (Miu Miu). This is the first outing for the tee, one of my recent creations.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate your feedback.


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