WIW: DIY boho cutoffs

I cut off these shorts a couple of years ago, and this year I updated my DIY cutoffs with some embroidery. I wanted to try embroidering on jeans, and decided that doing some old cutoffs would be a good experiment. Unfortunately, the cutoffs are a bit tight this season, but I'm hoping they will loosen up again at some point. ;)
I'm not sure I would embroider on a "perfectly good" pair of jeans, but on a pair that is less expensive or that I've gotten plenty of wear out of already, I am willing to take the risk.

Today I changed into this outfit after work:
Cutoffs (Lucky jeans, shortened and machine-embroidered by me); pink tank top (OSKA); stone linen knit drape-front cardigan (Nick & Zoe); pink sneakers (Ellen DeGeneres).

I look forward to any thoughts or suggestions you may have!


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