NY travel capsule & wardrobe musings

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to accompany my friend on a buying trip to New York for her clothing boutique. I wanted to look chic and be comfy for very long days. The weather was around 80F each day, and the venues were air conditioned, though not refrigeration level A/C, thank goodness.

Here's what I wore (all outfits re-created at home, from clothes pulled back out of suitcase):
1-2: Day 1 plane trip and casual evening seminar. Black skinny jeans (Eileen Fisher); fashion-print dress (made by me); long black and white cardi (Bobeau); stone denim jacket (French Dressing Jeans); black and white snake-print sneakers (Mephisto); black Mary Jane slingbacks (Think!).
3: Day 2. Cream cotton pants (Kleen); black woven crepe tee (Pleione); black and stone holey-knit shrug (made by me); black and white sneakers (Mephisto); piano wire necklace and bracelet.
4-5: Day 3. Black flowy washed rayon pants with split legs (Color Me Cotton); zebra print graphic tee (Loft); stone denim jacket (French Dressing Jeans); black and white sneakers. Photo 5 is a tryout; didn't wear it: outfit with long cardi instead of short jacket.
6-7: Day 4. Black draped front midi skirt (Trouve); stone linen raw-edged tank (made by me); stone and black holey-knit shrug (made by me); black Mary Jane slingbacks (Think!); piano wire necklace and bracelet. Photo 7 is a tryout; not worn: same outfit with black flowy pants.
8: Day 5 and flight home. Black skinny jeans (Eileen Fisher); mixed-print tee (made by me); stone denim jacket (French Dressing Jeans); black and white sneakers (Mephisto).

The capsule worked well, though next time, I would bring a scarf. I have a plain light gray one that would have gone nicely with the outfit in 8. I like wearing a scarf on the plane. I also wouldn't bring the Think! shoes again. They have been such comfortable shoes, but on this trip they gave me blisters. :(

Nothing like a trip to New York to reinvigorate the style soul! Shopping with my friend gave me an insider's look at curating a collection for a small boutique. It gave me some insights into my own dressing, too, and I came away with a couple of goals:
One: No more mediocre clothes! Avoid buying or making clothes that I don't love, whether it's the style, fabric, color, or fit that isn't quite right.
Two: Get to work on editing my closet. It contains so many mediocre clothes right now, and they distract my attention from the ones I truly love and want to wear.

Thanks for looking and reading! I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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