WIW: DIY boho cutoffs

I cut off these shorts a couple of years ago, and this year I updated my DIY cutoffs with some embroidery. I wanted to try embroidering on jeans, and decided that doing some old cutoffs would be a good experiment. Unfortunately, the cutoffs are a bit tight this season, but I'm hoping they will loosen up again at some point. ;)
I'm not sure I would embroider on a "perfectly good" pair of jeans, but on a pair that is less expensive or that I've gotten plenty of wear out of already, I am willing to take the risk.

Today I changed into this outfit after work:
Cutoffs (Lucky jeans, shortened and machine-embroidered by me); pink tank top (OSKA); stone linen knit drape-front cardigan (Nick & Zoe); pink sneakers (Ellen DeGeneres).

I look forward to any thoughts or suggestions you may have!


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WIW: channeling my style icon in a crisp shirt

You may have heard me say I don't wear crisp button-up collared shirts. I used to wear them, and now they feel too formal, fussy, or business-y for my style. If I wear a collared shirt, it is more often in a silky fabric rather than a crisp cotton. And I can't recall wearing a "popped" collar--pulled up around the face--for more than a moment.
So today's outfit is a bit of a departure for me.
I bought this collared button-up shirt about a year ago, because I liked the steely gray color, and because I do really like the idea of a crisp cotton shirt. This one is made of tencel that looks and feels like a soft cotton; somehow, it does not feel too fussy to wear.
When I put it on today, I was inspired by my style icon, Linda Rodin, who is often photographed in a crisp button-up shirt with the collar popped.

Here's the resulting outfit, worn for a day off (1-3):
Cream skinny jeans (Mother, the Looker highrise, in whipping the cream); gray tencel button-up collared shirt with 3/4 sleeves (P. Taylor); navy linen knit vest (made by me); navy nubuck sneakers (Paul Green); silver-toned disk earrings and piano-wire bracelet.
My style icon, Linda Rodin, in white and black crisp collared shirts (4-5). 
Thanks for looking! I welcome any suggestions or comments you'd like to share.


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WIW: another dress over pants--the work version

Working at OSKA Seattle, the dress code is to wear clothing from the store/company. Here is my work version of a dress over pants outfit. I bought the caftan dress with the idea in mind that it can work alone as well as over pants or leggings, say, when the weather is cool. I like that it has sleeves, and it is easily layered over an insulating tee, for wearing in the air-conditioned store. I've worn it a few times already on its own as a dress, and over footless tights, with sandal-booties. Today I tried it with pants, and I quite liked it. The look does add some bulk to my frame, but I'm hoping it was JFE (just flattering enough).

The outfit (worn to work):
Black lightweight linen caftan dress (OSKA, Taja dress); black lightweight cotton rolled-hem trousers (OSKA, Tertia trousers); black layering tee (Tees by Tina); pink, white, gray, and maroon stripe scarf (Halogen, painterly wave wrap); pink sneakers (Ellen Degeneres, Chapalove); pink and brass necklace (Madewell, radiate necklace set); not shown: nude pink tote bag.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate any feedback you'd care to give. 


WIW: dress over cropped flares

I took Angie's idea and wore pants under this dress, rather than the leggings or footless tights I would have otherwise chosen. I kind of liked the effect. What do you think?

The outfit (worn to play in a piano recital):
Short knit dress with black, white, taupe, and gray fashion print (made by me); black cropped flare pants (Halogen); taupe cross-strap flats (Naot); long black and white marled knit cardigan (Bobeau); taupe pleather tote bag with silver studs (Chelsea28).

Thanks for looking! I appreciate any feedback you care to give.


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WIW: Spring tweed for Easter

I decided to try Angie's Easy & Pretty Spring Tweed ensemble for Easter. Here's the outfit:

Green tweed boxy jacket with faux-leather pocket trim (made by me); Black shirt-tail hem woven tee (Pleione); white straight-leg jeans (Lucky, Lolita); black heeled Chelsea boots (Steve Madden, Pistol); black cross-body bag (Rebecca Minkoff); black leather cuff with bronze and rhinestone oval ornament; antique gold and crystal oval earrings (Kendra Scott).

Thanks for looking! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.


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WIW: thinking pink

I liked this outfit today, so I thought I'd share it here. It's dry and cool, the perfect weather to wear a boiled wool coat I recently made. The pattern is the Brooklyn coat from Tessutti, a company in Australia. I love the design, with side pockets and the quirky addition of patch pockets on back!
It's sunny, too, hence the sunglasses in my outdoor look.

Here's the outfit, worn for a day off and shopping at the farmer's market:
Cream skinny jeans (Mother, high rise Looker, in Whipping the Cream); mauve and cream floral silk-cotton voile blouse (Halogen); long gray cowl-neck vest with step hem (Peter O. Mahler); purple boiled wool clutch coat (made by me); blush leather high-top sneakers (Ecco, Soft 7); blush tote bag.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.


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WIW: Boiled wool hoody

I haven't been on the forum much lately, though I've been trying to keep up with Angie's blog posts. I thought I'd share today's outfit and show you a new hoody I made from boiled wool. It's easy to sew; like fleece, its cut edges don't fray, so you can leave raw edges, as I did here.

The outfit (worn for a day off):
Gray and ivory variegated boiled wool short-sleeved pullover hoody (made by me), worn over black, red, gray, and ivory mottled print tee (made by me); black cords (Kut from the Kloth, Diana); wine booties (Joseph Seibel).

Thanks for looking! I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.


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WIW: 2 holiday outfits--faux fur and wine-out

To go out to dinner this week for our anniversary celebration, I tried a version of Angie's Easy Faux Fur Vest ensemble. Then I made a subdued attempt at a festive yet warm outfit--a wine-out look!--for a holiday piano recital and shopping party. Here are the outfits. . .

Photo 1 (worn for the anniversary dinner): burgundy cozy knit cowl-neck dress (Bobeau), espresso sweater tights (Smartwool); faux fur vest (made by me); sparkly layered necklace (Lucky); espresso moto boots (Miu Miu). Not pictured: navy trench (London Fog); black cross body bag (Rebecca Minkoff); black newsboy cap.

Photo 2 (worn for piano recital and holiday shopping party): Wine corduroy skinnies (Kut from the Kloth, Diana); wine silk blouse, wool pullover sweater, and scarf (Eileen Fisher); wine patent oxfords (AGL). Not pictured: taupe trench (Calvin Klein); black crossbody bag (Rebecca MInkoff).

Thanks for looking! I welcome your thoughts.


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WIW: day after Thanksgiving

I didn't get a photo of what I wore on Thanksgiving, but here is my outfit for the day after, which involved a family brunch. I hope everyone who celebrates the holiday had a nice one!

The outfit:
Olive skinny corduroys (Kut from the Kloth, Diana); mauve, olive, and deep indigo impressionistic tulip-print silk long-sleeved blouse (made by me); olive long open-weave knit vest (Caslon); brown and black studded belt (Suzi Roher); long key pendant; brass double-disk dangle earrings (Lucky); brown high-top shoes (Jo Ghost); not pictured: navy trench coat (London Fog) and espresso and black satchel (Joy Gryson).

Thanks for looking! As always, I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


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WIW: cropped flares and a little waist definition

Today I got to see Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style at the Seattle Art Museum. It was fascinating, and such a treat to go with two of my sewing friends!

Here's what I wore:
Black cropped flare pants (Halogen); silk reptile print long-sleeved t-shirt in shades of blue, ivory, and black (made by me); aqua blue knit vest with shawl collar (OSKA, waistcoat Pit); olive leopard print wrap-style hooded raincoat (made by me); black high-shaft pointy-toe booties (Steve Madden); black cross-body bag (Rebecca Minkoff).

The vest is new, from the store where I work (OSKA Seattle), and three of these items are from Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year (pants, boots, and bag). I felt quite current, wearing a few of the "must-haves" from Angie's list for fall 2016: cropped pants and higher-shaft booties, plus a little waist definition!

If you're in the Seattle area, I highly recommend the YSL exhibition. I may go again, before it is over!

Thanks for looking, and I welcome any comments or suggestions.


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