What I tried, bought, and ordered: update--returning loafers

I had an appointment today to shop. Some of my wish list items were sold out, but I got to try quite a few in the store. Some weren't in the store but were available online.
My sales associate did a great job. She was so organized, and had my wish list items in the room for me. She picked all the right sizes, some of which I wouldn't have guessed correctly. So helpful and time-saving!

What I wore shopping (pic 1): Pants and shirt-jacket in navy travel knit (OSKA). Navy and stone broken-stripe tank top (made by me). White and silver low-top sneakers (Paul Green). Gray backpback bag (Rebecca Minkoff).

Here are my reviews.
What I bought:
- Caslon chevron stripe cardigan. Bought a size down from what I would have tried (XS rather than S). Soft, cozy, and to me it looks quite chic in person.
- Caslon long-sleeved crewneck t-shirt, blue sterling, size S. Goes with the sweater, and I love the color. I have a few Caslon cotton t-shirts from years past, and I like this new lightweight slub-cotton style. I think it's pretty and will be good for layering.
- Pacsun Feel the Breeze Mix Stitch Cotton V-neck. I got it in dark sapphire (navy). Wasn't on my radar, but the SA picked it for me. I think it will be useful to have a nice summer pullover. Bonus that it matched the pants I was wearing to shop.
- Zella seamless performance t-shirt. Blue thistle (bought in store) and purple iris (ordered), size S. A closer-fitting tee that I will use for Pilates, walks or wearing under an overshirt for hiking.
- Topshop basketweave cardigan. Soft, and a nice shorter length. I like the boxy cut--not too oversized. Size S. I put this one on the SA's radar; she was pleasantly surprised.
- ATM schoolboy cotton t-shirt, bay green, size S. NOT an NAS item, and wasn't on my list. But the SA picked it for me, and I love the fit, the feel, and the color.
- AllSaints leather belt. Size S. I might have picked M, but it turns out S will work for my mid-rise and high rise jeans. The color looks less pink to me in person, a not-quite blush.
- Madewell medium carabiner earrings. Love these! They are about a half inch long, and don't really look like carabiners because they are so tiny. I will wear them a lot. I'm liking smaller earrings with my short hair.
- Fresh lip balm. Also introduced the SA to this item, my favorite lip balm. I've never tried the mint before.
- Kiehl's avocado eye cream. Another favorite. It's nice to have a small travel-size as well as the regular size.
- Rag & Bone Shiloh loafer, lightsand suede, size 37.5. (Pics taken at home.) These weren't on my list. I skipped right over them because they looked quite tan, almost camel, online. They are more in the stone family to my eye, and I like them. This is not just a heavy look, but also a heavy shoe. Not sure about keeping them. I've been wanting to get a pair of stone-colored booties for a while, so I'm thinking maybe I'll enjoy having chunky loafers instead of another pair of booties.
- Natori Bliss Perfection bras. Curiously I got a different size than last year. I've been wearing 34B and bought 32C today, as the 34 band seemed too big. I would have ordered the wrong size.
- Chantelle soft stretch seamless hipster undies. I get these every year. 3 neutral and 3 colors.

What I ordered:
- Treasure& Bond space-dye cotton blend zip cardigan, burgundy royale, size S.
- Vince oversized wool & cashmere cardigan, plum wine, size XS. I would have ordered the matching pants, but they were sold out in my size.
- Tissot Women's PR 100 Auto Classic Croc Embossed Leather Strap Watch, white.

Tried but didn't buy:
- Caslon v-neck short-sleeve cotton t-shirt, blue sterling, size S. I really liked this fabric and color (same as the long-sleeved one I bought). I don't wear v-neck t-shirts. It's quite long.
- Zella scrunch-neck long sleeve mini-dress, tan cobblestone, size XS. The fabric is nice, substantial. This is an elevated sweatshirt dress, which I think would be great for travel or daily wear. It's a very straight cut, which I think would work really well for someone with an inverted triangle shape. The color was too yellow for me, so I didn't try a size up. It fit me in the shoulders and bust and was tight across the hips (showing the unflattering back view, just for you!).
- Eileen Fisher v-neck merino wool cardigan, blue moon, size XS. It didn't look any better on me than it does on the model (which I don't find a super inspiring pic). Nice color, soft wool, lightweight.
- Nordstrom Lafayette penny loafer. I liked the look in person. I
tried 7.5, my usual size, and it felt a little big. Fairly lightweight shoe. I liked the Rag & Bone better for my purposes.
- Ann Mashburn lug penny loafer, loden, size 37.5. Again, this one seemed to run a little bit large. Definitely roomier than the Rag & Bone in the same size. The color wasn't quite "my" dark olive, and I didn't like the style as well as the chunkier Rag & Bone. Very lightweight shoe.
- Hobo small draft leather cross-body bag, gray. Darker in person, not in the stone family I'm looking for. It looked a bit smaller than I'd hoped, too, but I didn't open it up.

What I didn't try or order:
- Camper Milah penny loafer. I ran across these in black at another store last week, tried them, and could not get my foot into them, either in 37 or 38. I have a high instep, and these shoes must be quite shallow. They weren't at my Nordstrom, but I didn't bother ordering them.
- AllSaints crossbody bags, Ida and Allington. These weren't available in the store, and I'm not sure about online. But I ordered another bag this past week from Madewell (Puff crossbody bag) that I think will work.
- Vince bermuda shorts. These weren't available in store, but the SA said she thought they were more tan than what I'm after.

The sold-out items on my wish list that I won't bother to stalk:
- Madewell Balsam Cap-Sleeve Sweater
- Avec Les Filles Cocoon Tweed Blazer
- Barbour Rosalind Quilted Trench
Just don't need any of these!

Well, that's a lot of stuff! I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to ask questions about any of the things I saw.

p.s. I forgot: I tried on the Frame Le Crop Flare raw-hem jeans, which the SA picked for me. Size 27. They are stretchy and soft, and I liked them, but am not into this look right now. They remind me of Mother jeans I've had that I really like.

UPDATE: I wasn't sure about the fit of the loafers when I wore them around the house, so I ordered the 38 to compare again. I reconfirmed my in-store decision: the 37.5 is the better fit. Yet it's not comfortable enough. The heel fits nicely, but my toes feel a bit cramped. In the 38, the heel slips (and I can see a little gap), but the toes are comfy. 

I've ordered the same style name, in leather rather than suede, with lighter color and sole, to try--on sale from Bloomingdale's. I figure it doesn't hurt to try; they can be returned, too.

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  • slim cat replied 2 months ago

    Looks like very successful shopping at Nordstrom Anniversary sale! 
    Caslon striped cardigan, new chunky loafers and small bags just caught my eye - looks great on you! Will come back to look at other pieces as well ;-) .

  • Debbie replied 2 months ago

    Everything looks great Sharon. I love the idea of that sweatshirt dress. Not sure if it will work or not.
    I love these post but I keep adding to my list.
    Thank you for your review on everything. It really helped.

  • Suz replied 2 months ago

    Wow, massive shopping spree! All of this looks useful and how great the SA helped you with sizing. I love your self-made tank!! 

  • Nadya replied 2 months ago

    You had a great sale! Lots of good choices and I love those loafers. I bought two pair of lug sole loafers year before last and they’ve become my workhorses in fall and winter. 

  • Kate replied 2 months ago

    What a great haul! I particularly like the carabiner earrings and those loafers. Do they run true to size? I’m seriously considering them, but my feet are narrow and low volume, and loafers are typically a tough fit on me. Any advice would be welcome.

  • Olive Green replied 2 months ago

    Those Rag and Bone loafers look very good. They all look good!
    I might go look at the Zella Sweatdress for me, and too bad about the colour, it looked like a good item on you. 
    What a good shopping experience, the SA sounds professional. 
    Great review, very helpful. Thanks for putting in the work. 

  • Angie replied 2 months ago

    WOW, Sharan! YOU ROCK EVERYTHING! Thanks for the great report. You have a great attitude, and had the best NAS :)

    (Your shopping outfit is KILLER - I expected nothing less!)

    LOVE your longer pixie!!! Modern, attractive and playful. 

    Soooo many GREAT loafers at the NAS - and more lightwight ones I can help you with, if you like. 

    These have been the winning loafers with clients. The Sam Edelman's and Franco Sartos are SHOCKINGLY comfy and lightweight! 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 months ago

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!
    Nadya, good to hear about your loafers! I think chunky might be the key to my getting more wear out of them than I often do with loafers.
    Kate, I would say the Rag & Bone loafers run true to size. When there is a 37.5, that's the size I usually take, and that was the case with these. My foot is the opposite of yours--high volume and medium width. But these loafers fit better with a stocking than with a trouser sock right now. They are a good fit at the heel. The 38 was a little slippy at the heel on me, with a trouser sock, and slightly roomy overall.
    Angie, thanks! I did have a good sale. I don't mind the heaviness of the loafers, I don't think. We'll see. The silver hardware and the color make them hard to beat with the other options. Shiny gold hardware is just not my look, and patent leather has to be unusually soft to work for me, too. I did order this Miz Mooz online, in bordeaux. But now I've found all these things in my closet to wear with the Rag & Bone pair!

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 months ago

    Angie, I will add that I was excited to see the Cole Haan loafers in the store. I just didn't like the look in person as well as I liked it online. Too slick, or polished looking, for me, and they felt stiff.

  • Angie replied 2 months ago

    Sharan, I get it! It's a dealbreaker when the wrong metal is on shoes. I love the R&B's on you - and my fingers are crossed they work :) 

  • RobinF replied 2 months ago

    Nice items! You had a great sale! the loafers are gorgeous on you. Love the color and the metal piece, very sleek looking for a chunky loafer.

    I have been considering a new pair of loafers this year. Has anyone seen these in person?

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 months ago

    RobinF, thanks! I didn't see those at the Seattle flagship store.

  • AZBeth replied 2 months ago


    I saw and purchased those loafers in the cinnamon color. They are very comfy, look really cute too and not heavy.

  • Bijou replied 2 months ago

    Everything looks great on you, it must have been hard to say no to anything. I love the look of the R&B loafers on your foot, which are fashionably chunky, I hope they pass the comfort test.

  • Kathie replied 2 months ago

    Thanks so much for the reviews! I might check out the Caslon l/s crew, since you liked the fabrication this year. (So hit and miss- some years, I like that slub knit, and others, Nordie's has changed it, and I don't.) The sweaters- chevron and the gray TopShop are perfect silhouettes for you. Looking forward to seeing the Vince, too. And the Tissot watch! 

  • Greenjeans replied 2 months ago

    Treasure and Bond short waisted zip cardigan, how is it? Did you keep? 

  • Karie replied 2 months ago

    Wow, you had a fantastic shopping trip! You got some nice items, and I love your self made top.

  • AmyS replied 2 months ago

    I really wanted that Caslon sweater, but I silly-dallied too long. Great haul!

  • Julie replied 2 months ago

    Everything looks great! I'm curious what you will think about the Miz mooz loafers you ordered. I thought they looked cool and come in my favorite color (blue)...but read online that they are also heavy so I didn't order.

  • LJP replied 2 months ago

    Well I didn’t know I needed caribiner earrings until now .

    This is a great shopping effort and I’m impressed with your stamina and also your positive attitude ! Trying things on removes my will to live .

    You’re looking really great in these silhouettes and colours and your marathon bike rides are sure showing ;).

  • kellygirl replied 2 months ago

    You have great taste, Sharan! Everything looks so good on you. It doesn't hurt that you have your colors down. Each one of these looks perfect for your coloring. Your athletic figure makes everything look great too. Fab haul. I really love that chevron sweater and I'm not really a sweater person. Think you make a great call on those loafers too--nice change from the usual booties!

  • ChristelJ replied 2 months ago

    You ended up with some great things that suit you so well. Love the cardigans! I hope the other two you ordered work as well.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 months ago

    Greenjeans, I'm waiting on the Treasure & Bond jacket to arrive.

    Julie, I just got the Miz Mooz loafers yesterday, and returned them. I loved the look of them, and the leather was pretty soft. The shoe bit my heel, though (that's what it felt like); it came up too high and curved in too much at the back. Yes, they were fairly heavy, but it didn't bother me. The toe was a nice shape--slightly tapered, not as rounded as I expected, but still with plenty of room in the toe box.

    Thanks, Lisa! LOL about the carabiner earrings, too.

    Kelly, thank you. Still trying the Shiloh loafers around the house, and I decided to order the 38 to compare at home, too.

    Kathie, I'd be interested to hear what you think of the Caslon tees. The fabric is pretty thin, but I like it.

  • Julie replied 2 months ago

    Thanks for the Miz Mooz review! Very helpful. 

  • rachylou replied 2 months ago

    The tees look good and navy really likes you! Have I seen you in navy before?

  • Angie replied 2 months ago

    Sharan, what have you ended up with so far? Are you keeping the Rag 'N Bone loafers? 

    Sounds like you're having a great NAS :) 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 months ago

    Rachy, thank you! I'm trying to add more navy, partly as a black alternative.
    Julie, glad to be of help!
    Angie, I got some items today!!!! I'll post tomorrow when I can do some tryons in the daylight. 
    Oh, but here's one: the Zella tee in purple iris arrived, and it goes splendidly with my hoodie (which I discovered is Title 9, not Athleta). The colors of both are much more vibrant IRL. 

  • Angie replied 2 months ago


    *rubs hands together in excitement*

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