WIW: pastel pants & light neutrals

When Angie posted about how to incorporate pastels into your outfits, I was thinking of my work "uniform" this season. Working at OSKA Seattle, I wear items from the current season. This season, I have a pair of pants that are a pastel green and white pincord cotton fabric, and a coordinating sheer ramie blouse in a muted green and slate tropical-floral print, among other items in similar tones.

The outfit below is the combination I put together today, with a stone colored knit jacket and my new spring shoes. I think wearing the pastel pants with the print blouse that has a little more contrast in it works well for me; I like the outfit less well with a lighter top, making for a paler look overall.

The components: Trousers Brisa Wash in aloe; Blouse Bria in denim; and Jacket Bony in pearl (all OSKA); and Nell slip-on sneaker (Ron White). I will create some finds later this evening!

I took the photo before I semi-tucked the blouse, which I liked better. This photo also shows my new haircut. I had layers cut a few days ago, and I'm really liking it.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate any thoughts you wish to share.

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  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Love the new hair shaping and your flats. The pants look like they need to be longer ( or deliberately cropped), but the blouse pattern looks good with them. I have a similar print blouse that I wear with a pale green pencil skirt suit or light grey pants. It seems to go with everything.

  • Windchime replied 2 years ago

    First, I love your new haircut! It looks modern and fresh.

    These colors are wonderful on you, and the blouse looks stunning with your hair color! I like the proportion of solid colors and prints in this outfit. Great shoes, too.

  • Kari replied 2 years ago

    I’ll bet the pants proportion worked better with the semi-tuck too. I love that blouse, and the gorgeous metallic shoes. I love how you bookend your beautiful locks with metallics. It makes your hair color look rich, in the best sense.

  • Firecracker replied 2 years ago

    Joy, I really like your blouse! I agree with your assessment of the pants length. I almost commented on it in my post; I would shorten them, as I'm sure Angie would suggest, but my boss thought they looked good at this length. So I'll keep them this way for the season. I may wear them rolled up sometimes, although I'm not crazy about that look with them.
    Thanks, Windchime--I'm glad to hear you like the level of contrast. It seems a comfortable one for me.
    Kari, yes, I always end up semi-tucking with these pants. They have a high waist, and I usually blouse the top over the waist just a bit. There seems to be a sweet spot with the semi-tuck.

    And thanks all, for the hair compliments!

  • Angie replied 2 years ago


    You look very Dutch, Sharan. This look you often see in the Spring/Summer in the Netherlands. 

  • Bijou replied 2 years ago

    You are a wonderful ambassador for the clothes, these look wonderful on you.

  • Runcarla replied 2 years ago

    This is such a lovely light spring look, Firecracker. I like the shape of the trousers.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    That blouse is beautiful! Love your new hair, too. I like the shape of the trousers -- they look easy and comfortable. 

  • Firecracker replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, everyone!

    I'm happy to look Dutch, Angie, since OSKA is European!

  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    You also look very East Bay No. Cal! :)

  • replied 2 years ago

    Sharan, I love the pants!
    You look light and airy :-)
    OSKA has some great items!

  • Style Fan replied 2 years ago

    Sharan, I love your hair.  Gorgeous.  Your shoes nicely bookend your hair.
    The pants are great.  Such a beautiful colour of green.  The shirt is so spring-like.  Nice colours on you. 

  • Aida replied 2 years ago

    FUN pants! I don't mind the top untucked but can see it working just as well semi-tucked. Silver shoes are brilliant here. Hair is looking fab! I'm also wearing mine this length ^^

  • Firecracker replied 2 years ago

    Oh, looking East Bay, too, Rachylou--love it!

    Smittie, thank you!

    Thanks, Style Fan. I wish the green shade showed up better in photos. I really like it, too, but I have to say, it looks better in real life. :)

    Aida, high five on the hair! Great minds, huh?

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