New work clothes: a 6-item capsule

I posted here about my new job as a part-time sales associate at OSKA in Seattle. The company provides a "uniform" of a few outfits, so that we can wear clothes from the current collection to work. I got to choose my outfits from the styles available at the store.

Here's the capsule of six items that I chose, and photos of a bunch of outfits that I can create using them.
The pieces:
"Renzi" trousers, a lantern shaped style, in a black and white striped wool
"Nang" trousers, a cropped wide-leg, in navy viscose-elastin blend
"Rommy wash" trousers, a harem style, in black washed wool knit with raw edges
"Pilvi" pullover, a knit vest with short funnel neck, in a marled gray wool and cotton blend
"Raima" blouse, a cotton shirt with a small stand collar, in a very pale gray poplin
"Raissa" blouse, a short swing jacket with small stand collar, in a charcoal lightweight crinkled wool blend

I have already added a crew-neck long-sleeved knit top in the light gray color and a scarf, to extend the possibilities even further. I didn't picture them here, because I wanted to explore and show just how far the initial capsule could go on its own.

The job is a lot of fun, and I'm really enjoying how easy it is to get dressed for work. This required uniform gives me the chance to play with a minimal wardrobe, without giving up the variety I love in my non-work wardrobe.

Thanks for looking! I welcome any comments and suggestions!


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WIW: cropped pants, pullover, and bling

This ensemble was an easy one for me to find in my closet, and it's the perfect weather to bring it out: blustery, rainy, very fall-like weather.

Worn for a day off:

Black cropped flare pants (Halogen); black and white lace-print sweatshirt with black sleeves and trim (made by me); black pointy-toe block-heeled booties (Steve Madden); silver and marcasite long pendant (Lucky).

Thanks for looking! I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


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WIW: 2 skirt outfits

I've often mentioned here that I have trouble wearing skirts. It has been harder for me to get the proportions the way I like them in a skirt outfit than in a pants outfit. Yesterday and today, I wore skirt outfits that I quite like. Maybe I'm getting the hang of it.

I've also been trying to channel style icons that you all have suggested for me. My top pick is Linda Rodin--I find her looks very inspiring. When it comes down to finding a look I want to sort of copy or work from, I've been challenged by circumstances such as not being able to wear jeans (work days) or not having quite the right pieces for summer weather. Still, I kind of thought about Linda Rodin's style when I put these outfits together. Both of them incorporate mesh knit (LR wears a lot of mesh tops and lace layers), both have a central feminine streak (a key component of LR's looks), and both incorporate flat shoes (which LR favors). I didn't try putting my hair up, which I think would go a long way toward capturing her regal air. I love that she still also has a very relaxed, casual feel to her looks. I think of her style or look as everyday royal, or maybe Royal Quotidienne?

1-2 (worn to work): navy and white mesh knit giraffe print skirt (made by me), navy drape-front top (Halogen), blue jeans jacket (AG), navy sneakers (Paul Green), gray backpack (Rebecca Minkoff).

3-5 (worn to work): sand linen skirt (made by me); ivory layering tee (Tees by Tina); tan, pink, and burgundy print mesh knit shrug (made by me); pewter flats (Walk); nude tote.
6 (tried out but didn't wear): same as 3-5, but with nude pumps (AGL) and clutch (J.Crew).

Finds to come later. I'll also post some Linda Rodin inspiration photos later (done--I've added a couple photos of her in skirt outfits).

Thanks for looking! Thoughts and suggestions welcome, as always.


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WIW: my take on kimono and denim

Since Angie posted this "Statement Kimono & Denim" ensemble, I've wanted to wear it. My kimono is cropped. I've had trouble wearing it, for lack of under-layers that look good with it. This season I found a tank that is the right shade of taupe to layer with it, so I'm set. I can now pair it with jeans, as Angie suggested, or with pants for work. Today I did both.

The outfits:
1-2: white, gray, taupe, and espresso blurry plaid silk cropped kimono (made by me); taupe tank (A'Nue Ligne); dark cropped flare jeans (Mother, Insider crop); light pewter d'Orsay flats (Walk).
3-4: same tops with stone tencel harem pants (Stella Carakasi); dark pewter lace-up Mary Janes (Trippen); gray backpack (Rebecca Minkoff, quilted Julian).

Thanks for looking! I welcome suggestions and other thoughts.


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WIW: another blue dress

I've made a third denim-y blue dress. This one is sleeveless, so again, I must be creative to find ways to wear the dress in environments where I need more arm coverage, since I get cold easily. (I love dresses, but I often find them hard to wear for this reason--I need a layer or a second layer on my arms to stay warm.)

I finished the dress in the midst of a heat wave yesterday, and today it's cool enough that I am wearing it with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. Not optimal (it looks better sleeveless), but a compromise so I can wear it!
The jacket is for outdoors, or if A/C is freezing.

The outfit (worn to work):
Light denim sleeveless shirtdress with 3/4 gathered skirt, shirt-tail hem (longer in the back) (made by me); ivory long sleeved tee (Caslon); navy sneakers (Paul Green); stone denim jacket (French Dressing Jeans); ivory and taupe bag (Fossil).

Thanks for looking! I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions!



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the dog-print t-shirt

I asked for opinions here a while back on a dog-portrait knit fabric I was considering buying. It got mixed reviews; I went ahead and bought it. Here are the results, so far. I made a t-shirt, in which I combined the dog-print with a cream knit. I still have quite a bit of the dog-print fabric left, and will probably come up with another project or two where I can use it in small doses.

1-2 (worn to work): dog-print tee; cream cotton full-legged pants with narrow button cuffs (Kleen); stone denim jacket (French Dressing Jeans); black Birkenstocks; gray backpack (Rebecca Minkoff). (I wore black and white snake-print sneakers to work instead of the Birks.)
3-4 (worn after work): dog-print tee; khaki jeans shorts (Kut from the Kloth, Natalie); white and taupe lace-up sandals (P.Monjo) and black and tan platform sandals (Naot).

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions! 


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summer dress with Birkenstocks

I haven't worn this outfit yet, but was trying it on to see how I liked it, as I just finished the dress.
The dress is voluminous, made out of light-weight linen, perfect for a summer day. I'm not sure how it will be in air conditioning, though I did find one white cardigan in my wardrobe that I like with it (not pictured).
Angie's post today inspired me to try it with sneakers, too--again, not pictured here.

I tried the dress belted and unbelted. Which do you prefer?

Ivory, soft lime, soft blue, and washed-out navy linen lantern-shaped sleeveless shirt dress with side pockets, worn with black cross-strap Birkenstocks and a dark silvery skinny belt. Last photo, shown with pewter flats.

Thanks for looking!


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dark red culottes

A while back, I bought some dark red culottes from Madewell, tried them on with different items in my closet, and showed you the pictures. I liked them, but I decided not to keep them, because they were a bit expensive for a limited-wear item. I decided I could make a pair, if I came across a fabric that I liked.
I did find a dark red linen, and made a pair of culottes. My linen isn't as drapey as the rayon used by Madewell, but I like my color better, and  I like how they turned out. Here they are, in a couple of outfits.

1-2: Raspberry linen culottes and blue and red rug-print rayon high-low tank (made by me); blue jeans jacket (AG, Robyn); metallic lace-up Mary Janes (Trippen, Foxy).
3-4: Raspeberry linen culottes, light blue-gray linen long sleeved tee with layered hem, and black linen cowl-neck layered-front vest with gray, blue, and red appliques (made by me); black peep-toe sling back platform sandals (Munro).

Thanks for looking! I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


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WIW: for YLF meetup

Apologies in advance: there are no photos of the fabulous YLF group here, just photos of what I wore, taken at home.

As any of you who have been to a YLF meetup know, anticipation and figuring out what to wear is part of the fun. You want to wear something that you love and that other fashionable, stylish friends will appreciate. You want to be comfortable for the possibility of trying on clothes, really quickly, as there is a lot of shopping territory to be covered. And you want your feet to be happy covering all of that territory.

Here's what I came up with today, and it seemed a pretty good pick. Shoes could have been easier on-off for try-ons, but otherwise, it worked well.

The outfit: Red, black, and cream print flounce-hem tunic with open back (Free People, new from NAS); cream skinny jeans (Mother, the Looker high rise, in Whipping the Cream--just love these names!); black denim cropped moto jacket (Free People); black and white snake print sneakers (Mephisto, Yael); gray backpack (Rebecca Minkoff, Julian).

What a fun day with YLF sisters!

Thanks for looking! Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


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WIW: July 4

Well, it's not exactly a patriotic pairing, I'll admit. But here's what I ended up with, given a cooler day than I expected. I thought I'd wear this reddish dress with a blue denim jacket, but chose my olive leather moto instead, for warmth.

I do have on new blue specs; they are bright navy across the top and matte silver everywhere else.

Photo 1--the July 4 outfit (worn out to dinner):
Red-green cross-dyed voile dress (Judy Tampa); olive leather moto jacket (AllSaints); pewter cutout peep-toe booties (Paul Green); sage tumbled glass necklace and bracelet; silver bag with chain trim and strap (Michael Kors).

Also included (photo 2)--is an outfit from the day before yesterday (also worn out to dinner):
Blue jacquard dress (made by me); blue denim jacket (AG, Robyn) (not pictured); nude pumps (AGL) and clutch (J.Crew); gold layered necklaces with silver ring (Madewell).

Thanks for looking! I appreciate your comments and thoughts.


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