WIW: A very "me" week, day 2

Today was a work day, so I dressed head-to-toe in clothing from the store where I work, OSKA Seattle (except footwear--we don't sell footwear).
So this outfit might not be entirely "me," as I might wear these items differently outside of work. I bought the jeans a while back, and I really bought them just to add to my jeans capsule. So I have worn them a lot with tops that I've made, or tops from other brands I like. My boss encouraged me to wear them to work, and I'm glad to be able to do so, since jeans are perhaps my favorite thing to wear.

Why this outfit is me: jeans!; booties with a tomboy vibe--I like shoes with some borrowed-from-the-guys elements; comfort

Why it might be a little not-me: I gravitate toward more subdued colors, and the bright plaid scarf is a departure from the more diffuse patterns I favor as well.

The outfit:
Tapered, side-zip, high-waist jeans (ISCHIKO, Wista); cotton pullover long-sleeved sweater with lower front pocket, in soft orange (ISCHIKO, Munica pullover, in kimchi); purple, orange, blue, green, turquoise, and off-white plaid slubby scarf (ISCHIKO); brown lace-up booties (Jo Ghost); gray tweed-print uffer coat (OSKA), brown and gray croc print satchel (Brahmin); purple lightweight knit gloves (Jeanne Simmons).

I'm hoping this challenge will help me recapture sense of my style. I feel I have a well-developed personal style, but it's all intuitive. I'm not good at describing it or identifying what it encompasses.


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WIW: A Very "Me" Week, Day 1

Taking up Angie's challenge to document a "Very YOU Week" of dressing, here's Day 1 for me.

On my days off, I generally wear jeans, for comfort, and a sweater, for warmth. I have a lot of t-shirts that I've made, in fun print fabrics, which I used to wear a lot with cardigans. Recently, I've gravitated toward pullover sweaters, though, and my signature self-made tees have languished. Today I really wanted to wear one of my t-shirts, and I discovered that the cardigans I like best and the t-shirts I like best do NOT go together. I couldn't come up with a combo I wanted to wear! (Dysfunctional wardrobe discovery #1!)

So I decided to wear a signature self-made tee with a pullover. I tried to expose the neck of the t-shirt a little bit, and I turned up the sleeves of the pullover to expose a few inches of the tee sleeves. Problem solved!

The outfit:
Black jeans (Levis Wedgie High Waist Straight), taupe, burgundy and black abstract rose-print long-sleeved tee (made by me); rose wool high-low hem boxy pullover (Eileen Fisher); charcoal snake-embossed sparkly oxfords (Mephisto); black trouser socks. For outdoors, added gray print puffer coat (OSKA); gray and brown croc-print bag (Brahmin); black knit gloves; and my black aviator sunglasses.

It's always a good day when the sun comes out and I can wear my sunglasses; they make me feel so cool!


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thinking of spring: my work wardrobe

I read Angie's post about Spring and Summer Trends with an eye toward the outfits I just selected for this spring/summer season at work. I work part-time at OSKA Seattle, where I am a sales associate and what OSKA calls a style coach. Each season, we are provided with some help in building a wardrobe out of the current collection; we get to choose a couple of outfits, and we can use our employee discount to round out the capsule.
The pieces I selected are the first several shown below in Finds. They are unusual colors for me, and the pants are a style I haven't embraced before--the track-pant look.
I tried them on today, combining them in some outfits with other OSKA pieces in my wardrobe.

The outfits:
1. Iris viscose top and pants together, top semi-tucked. Worn with metallic oxfords.
2. Same outfit, with lightweight denim jacket added, and worn with floral loafers.
3. The top and pants, with pearl hemp-knit asymmetric double-breasted jacket and metallic slip-on sneakers.
4. The top and pants, with long light gray open-front asymmetric cardigan, and black, white, and gray snake-print sneakers.
5-6. Same outfit as 4, but with the cardigan worn short (turned upside-down).
7. Top and pants, with blush and gray mini-stripe cardigan, worn with blush sneakers.
8. Iris viscose pants with moss asymmetrical variegated-rib knit top, worn with blush sneakers.
9. Same pants and top as 8, with lightweight denim jacket, worn with metallic slip-on sneakers.
10. Iris viscose pants, kimchi (soft orange) pullover sweater, plaid scarf, worn with metallic slip-on sneakers.
11. Pants with hems pinned up. (My left leg is pinned shorter than the right.)

I think my new work capsule is pretty firmly in the Sporty Luxe trend,
and the outfits I'm creating are perhaps just-flattering-enough, rather
than conventionally flattering. I'm thinking of shortening the pants, probably to the shorter length pinned in photo 11. What do you think?

I welcome your thoughts on the outfits I've created here, including any suggestions for other styling or footwear ideas. Thanks for looking!


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WIW: playful pencil skirt outfit

I tried Angie's outfit formula for a playful pencil skirt look today, for work. My midi pencil skirt has a slight bubble just past the knee, and my boots are Doc Martens, rather than hikers. But I think this approximates the idea of outfit #2 in her post.

The outfit:
Dark gray ponte pencil skirt (OSKA); navy melange asymmetrical wool pullover with banded (or welted) hem (OSKA); navy tights; navy and gray heather socks; Doc Marten boots.

What do you think? I welcome your thoughts or suggestions!


WIW: a fringe trend, overalls

In reviewing the fall/winter 2018 fashion shows, Angie noted a trend toward "80s and 90s Fabness." Among the 90s retro looks, she mentioned overalls. I have kind of liked overalls--on other people!--but didn't really think of them as something I'd wear. I don't know why. Too different? (But I wear harem pants, which are not exactly mainstream in my daily environs.) Too rural? Not sophisticated enough?

Shopping at Nordstrom yesterday, though, I saw a salesperson wearing a pair that looked so great on her, I wanted to try them. "Do you have those?" I asked, pointing at her outfit. And sure enough, there was a pair, somewhere "in the back," which made it into my dressing room.

Here are my retro 90s overalls, worn in the least costumey, most characteristically "me" way I could think of. My DH said, "That's a new look!" I asked if he liked them, and he said, "I can get used to them." He's such a sport!

The outfit: Zip front, raw-hem, slightly distressed overalls (Reformation, Benji); black waffle t-shirt, black studded booties (Halogen), silver bicycle chain bracelet, silver earrings.

I think there are a lot of tops I could wear with these, but I wanted to
keep it simple for their first outing. I think they will be fun for
spring and summer, with lighter tops and sandals or sneakers.

These may be kind of a wild card for me, but they feel easy to wear. What do you think? Something you can "get used to" like my DH? I look forward to your thoughts, and suggestions for ways to wear this "new" look.


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WIW: Fair Isle cardigan

Angie's post about the Fair Isle Trend prompted me to pull out and wear a sweater my mother knit for me in the 80s. It is medium-gray heather, with the pattern in white and pale yellow with a touch of the heather gray. It's in great condition because I  haven't worn it that much in the last 20 years or so, I take good care of it, and it's knit from acrylic yarn, which seems quite hardy. I cherish the sweaters my mother knit for me, even though I may not wear them much, if at all, any more. They reflect her love for me, as well as my taste in earlier eras of my life! 

Today I'm wearing the Fair Isle sweater (photo 1) with skinny dark wash jeans (Mother, the Looker high rise, in Coffee Tea or Me wash); white long sleeved t-shirt (Eddie Bauer); cognac boots (Born) and tan belt.

And, here's another outfit (photo 2) with the boots, inspired by Smittie's post considering a pair of mid-calf rust boots, in which there was some discussion of wearing this style of boot with skirts. This is a work outfit that I have worn fairly often: Slate gray ponte midi skirt, plaid wool blouse, and dark brown boiled wool vest (all OSKA); navy tights and cognac boots (Born). I guess this is not a conventionally flattering look, wearing the wide-shaft mid-calf boots with a midi skirt, but I enjoy wearing it. I like the way the boots casualize the outfit. What do you think?

Thanks for looking! I welcome your thoughts!


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WIW: Midi and flat booties

Like Angie, I am wearing flat footwear almost all the time now. I just find it so much more comfortable for all-day wear. And one of my go-to pieces for work this fall is a ponte-knit midi skirt with a slim shape. I've been wearing it with flat booties. I've considered wearing it with chunky loafers or more refined oxfords, but so far, different pairs of booties have won out each time. Later in the season I'll probably wear it with tall boots.

Here's how I wore it today:
Slate gray ponte midi skirt (OSKA, skirt Omali, in space); light gray cotton t-shirt (OSKA, shirt Siral, in stellar); gray and white marled wool sweater vest (OSKA, Pilvi pullover); black studded booties (Halogen, Hailey); navy trench coat (London Fog); faux-croc leather satchel (Brahmin, Nadia); black newsboy cap (New Era).

Sorry the photos came out so dim, but hopefully you get the idea. Thanks for looking! I welcome any thoughts you wish to share.


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WIW: new sunglasses

I splurged on some new sunglasses. In the past, I've taken old eyeglass frames and had sunglass lenses put into them. This time I specifically bought sunglass frames and lenses. They are expensive, since they are prescription, and I wear progressive lenses. I'm hoping I won't tire of them too quickly.

I wore them to work yesterday. Photo 1 shows my whole outfit, and photo 2 is a selfie taken at the bus stop. Note: The lines across the glasses in selfie closeup are some kind of reflection, not bifocal lines!

The outfit: Long-sleeved, short swing dress in dark teal (OSKA, Varali), navy sneakers (Paul Green); layered necklaces (Madewell); gray leather backpack (Rebecca Minkoff); new sunglasses (Fendi).

Thanks for looking! I welcome any thoughts you wish to share.


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WIW: A summer outfit

As I commented on Angie's post today, I feel much more stylish in fall and winter clothes than in summer clothes.

However, when hot days finally arrive, I do want to wear those few warm-weather dresses I own. Here's an example of one that I wore today for a very hot 91-degree F day in the midst of our annual heat wave in Seattle. I even brought out my wide-brimmed hat, which I think of as portable shade.

The outfit: t-shirt dress with fashion print in black and white (made by me); taupe and white sandals (P. Monjo); taupe cross-body bag (Brahmin), and cream and black woven hat with black band (Walleroo, Josie).

Thanks for looking! I welcome any thoughts.


WIW: pastel pants & light neutrals

When Angie posted about how to incorporate pastels into your outfits, I was thinking of my work "uniform" this season. Working at OSKA Seattle, I wear items from the current season. This season, I have a pair of pants that are a pastel green and white pincord cotton fabric, and a coordinating sheer ramie blouse in a muted green and slate tropical-floral print, among other items in similar tones.

The outfit below is the combination I put together today, with a stone colored knit jacket and my new spring shoes. I think wearing the pastel pants with the print blouse that has a little more contrast in it works well for me; I like the outfit less well with a lighter top, making for a paler look overall.

The components: Trousers Brisa Wash in aloe; Blouse Bria in denim; and Jacket Bony in pearl (all OSKA); and Nell slip-on sneaker (Ron White). I will create some finds later this evening!

I took the photo before I semi-tucked the blouse, which I liked better. This photo also shows my new haircut. I had layers cut a few days ago, and I'm really liking it.

Thanks for looking! I appreciate any thoughts you wish to share.


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