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Saturday I wore Angie's Mom on the Go Ensemble: The Statement Sweater. I wore it with two pairs of the same boots in different colors. In the morning I wore my new olive distressed suede boots. In the afternoon, I wore my older black version of the same boots, because I needed the black boots for modeling in a fashion show at Renee's Clothing (owned by my friend, Renee!) in Everett, WA, just north of Seattle. Thanks to Aida and her sister for attending--it was great to see your smiling faces in the audience and to visit afterwards!

Today I'm wearing the same outfit, but with flat black booties. Debating whether to change pants before going to a piano class this afternoon. I'm a little self-conscious about so much of my lower half exposed in these skinnies. I know I've gotten some feedback before about not wearing leggings as pants. I guess I am still unclear on skinnies versus leggings, perhaps in part because straight-legs fit me like skinnies and skinnies fit me like leggings! I know the safest route would be to just cover up (or change) when in doubt, and maybe I'll do that.

The outfits:
Olive sweater-knit cocoon pullover with crossed front panels and cowl neck (Nally & Millie); black skinny jeans (Eileen Fisher); olive coat (Laundry by Shelli Segal); black satchel (Elliott Lucca, Olvera); olive distressed suede boots and black distressed suede boots, both with spat design over the foot (Donald J. Pliner, Devi); flat black booties (Munro, Lexie); hammered silver and brass concentric-circle earrings (Marjorie Baer); leather wrap bracelet with silver and brass beads (Lucky).

eta: changed to ruched black knit tube skirt (Vince Camuto), black tights, and the Munro flat black booties--photos added.

Thought and suggestions welcome! Thanks for looking.

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  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Well, I think you look spectacular all round! What an amazing sweater! 

    I have the same issue with skinnies fitting me like leggings, or at least the super-skinny styles fit that way. Calf-sucking, as Janet says. 

    But to my mind if it is made of woven fabric (vs. knit) and it has a zipper, it's a skinny. So there. Ponte pants obviously fall somewhere in a grey zone that I can't wrap my head around, which might explain why I don't currently own any. ;) 

    You look amazing in all jeans, full stop.  For my own self, I  feel most flattered in the ultra-skinnies if I tuck them into boots vs. wear them with booties. The boots can be knee high or mid-calf -- doesn't matter.  I do occasionally wear them with booties anyway -- sometimes I just want that lightness. But on the whole I like the ultra-skinnies better either tucked in, or rolled up to show a bit of skin, BF style -- with my oxfords or sandals. For some reason this feels more balanced to me. 

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Thanks, Suz! What you say makes a lot of sense. I feel like ponte pants are in a gray zone, too; I tend to wear mine with tops that provide significant hip coverage. Jeans I do feel differently about, as you describe. I agree on tucking skinnies into boots, too; now that you put it that way, I think I prefer that look. I may just change to straight legs this afternoon, since I'm not sure if the piano teacher will have us remove our shoes as she usually does at our individual lessons. (This is a group class, in which each of us will play a piece.) I'll want to have on flat shoes, in case she has us keep our shoes on; I have trouble pedaling in heels. It seems so ridiculous to put so much thought into something like this, but there you have it, right? Some days, dressing is just like that.

  • Windchime replied 6 years ago

    Wonderful sweater! Did you wear it in the fashion show?

    Your skinnies look fab with both pairs of tall boots; I'll let more experienced YLFers speak to the bootie question and learn along with you. No matter what you wear on your feet, people will be so busy staring at your amazing sweater that they probably won't even notice your footwear!

    Good luck with the performance; what are you playing?

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Thanks, Windchime! I did not wear the outfit in the fashion show. Renee had us (8 of her customers) wearing outfits from her store. Each of us got to wear three different fabulous outfits. We wore our own footwear, for the most part, though, so I had the tall black boots, my black d'Orsay pumps, and taupe heeled booties. Today I'm playing a short, very lively, fun, rhythmic piece, "Sacro-Monte," by Joaquin Turina.

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    I just changed to a black tube skirt instead of the skinny jeans, to head to piano class. I've got all bases covered--can play in the flat booties or stocking feet, I'm not wearing skinny jeans, and I look more nicely dressed.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Sounds like a plan!! 

    The rolling of the super skinnies is a new discovery of mine. I had always rolled my Kut Dianas like BFs in the warmer weather, but they -- as you point out in another thread -- are a looser fitting skinny. 

    I just tried rolling the Mias (tighter fitting) a few weeks ago and really, really liked this effect. So I'll be doing that in warmer weather when I want a slim bottom but not that calf-sucking appearance. 

  • bj1111 replied 6 years ago

    you have the best sweaters, Sharan.  the camo boots are also just the right witty touch.

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    What Suz said. I think you look GREAT all round. Killer sweater. Those skinnies look amazing with the short booties, Sharon. You have fab shapely calves. Rock on. xo

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Thanks, Ruth and Angie!

  • Sal replied 6 years ago

    Great outfits and a couple of fun occasions to wear them to. You do wear jeans so well.

    My rules: I think skinny jeans can be worn with any length of top that you like. Leggings should have tops below the hip unless for exercising when anything goes. However I don't wear skinnies all that much and leggings even less! I have decided I prefer skinnies on me with a casual tall boot the best....but I do wear with ankle boots too.

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Thanks, Kiwigal. I like your rules, too--makes sense!

  • E replied 6 years ago

    You look great in both of these! Those definitely look like skinnies, not leggings, to me.

    I tend to wear my skinnies, both jeans style and side zip, tight & I'm like Suz re: if it's woven & has a zipper, it's fair game as trousers, not leggings & I'll wear whatever length top I wish with it. ;) I actually see a lot of the women my age in my new neighbourhood wearing straight up knit leggings (not even ponte, just regular knit fabric) as pants, with shorter shirts that expose a lot of private info to view, and it takes me aback a bit. On the plus side, it means I don't have to worry about my body con skinnies I guess.

  • Isabel replied 6 years ago

    Geeezzzz every post that I go to tonight is a knock out.  I love the colors.  I am in LOVE with those knee high boots.  My God !!!!!!  

    The sweater is amazing on you.  I cannot give much advice on the skinnies, I don't like mine tight and tend to go up 2 sizes.  But you look great because your legs are just great !

  • Sara L. replied 6 years ago

    That sweater looks great with the skinnies and with the skirt.  I don't like leggings as pants because usually the fabric of leggings isn't substantial enough.

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    Piano teachers can be "old school."  In my college, singers are required to wear sleeved dresses at or near the knee, and closed toe and closed heel shoes. 

    I don't think your skinnies are scandalous at all --- they're not skintight, they have a zipper.  You look fabulous in skinnies and jeans, and you wear them in very appropriate, grown up ways.

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Thanks, everyone!
    Beth Ann, that's a funny rule, but I'm not surprised, really. I'm assuming there are pretty strict dress codes for orchestras, too, given that everyone always looks so uniformly dressed in them. Today, some of my classmates (I'm the oldest, by several decades!) wore the clothes they had on from soccer practice. And we all did remove our shoes, as we do in lessons. So it was less like a performance situation. Our teacher said we didn't have to bow today, either, I think because she wanted to put a couple of new students at ease for their first time playing in front of others.

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    Love this sweater on you with either the skinnies or the skirt. It did not strike me at all as over-exposed and I am not a fan of leggings as pants.

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