WIW: cropped flares and a little waist definition

Today I got to see Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style at the Seattle Art Museum. It was fascinating, and such a treat to go with two of my sewing friends!

Here's what I wore:
Black cropped flare pants (Halogen); silk reptile print long-sleeved t-shirt in shades of blue, ivory, and black (made by me); aqua blue knit vest with shawl collar (OSKA, waistcoat Pit); olive leopard print wrap-style hooded raincoat (made by me); black high-shaft pointy-toe booties (Steve Madden); black cross-body bag (Rebecca Minkoff).

The vest is new, from the store where I work (OSKA Seattle), and three of these items are from Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year (pants, boots, and bag). I felt quite current, wearing a few of the "must-haves" from Angie's list for fall 2016: cropped pants and higher-shaft booties, plus a little waist definition!

If you're in the Seattle area, I highly recommend the YSL exhibition. I may go again, before it is over!

Thanks for looking, and I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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  • bonnie replied 3 years ago

    You look fantastic. Everything works so well together and they're in my favorite colors, too. I've just ordered similar black crops and I like the way yours looks with the boots. 

  • chewyspaghetti replied 3 years ago

    You look great- what a fun outing!

  • JAileen replied 3 years ago

    It's a great outfit. I love the vest, the cool fabric of the top, and the boots. I wish the boots came in grey.

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    Thanks, Bonnie. You will look great in the cropped black pants!
    Chewyspaghetti, it was super fun. Thank you!
    JAileen, have you seen the Donald Pliners that were on Anniversary Sale? They are marked down again. They aren't gray, exactly, but a grayish taupe that might work for you. Very similar profile and feel to the Steve Maddens I bought. (I tried on both booties--I wanted black this time--and went for the less expensive ones!)

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    You look so cool and stylish. Everything looks fabulous together. Are the Steve Madden boots comfortable. But my favorite piece is the silk tee that you made. A work of art.

  • replied 3 years ago

    Perfect look for the occasion, arty and stylishly you.

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    Thank you, Joy and jlpp. Joy, the Steve Madden boots are pretty comfortable. I walked a fair bit in them today, in addition to viewing the museum exhibit, and no problems. They aren't in the same comfort camp as my Paul Greens or some others I like--not as cushy inside, and not the same arch support-- but not bad at all.

  • bj1111 replied 3 years ago


    Love the contrast between the glitzy reptile print and the cozy homey feel of the vest.

    I would get the vest if only for the giant ornamental safety pin. Great detail.

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    Ha ha, Ruth! We do have people ask about getting the pins. They come with quite a few knit or boiled wool pieces.

  • CocoLion replied 3 years ago

    You look like a model in #1!

  • Staysfit replied 3 years ago

    As always you look wonderful!

    Firecracker, did you find that style of Donald Pliners fit looser than usual? I tried them, but they didn't work for me and Pliners are usually perfect on my medium-high volume foot. If anyone tries them, I suggest maybe size down 1/2 from your usual DP size, or only purchase if you have a high volume foot or like to wear thick socks. (Depending on what Firecracker says, I could have had an unusual pair.)

  • Inge replied 3 years ago

    You are on a roll, Sharan. What a stunning outfit! I love the colours of the blouse with the vest, and how the vest fits. Perfect with the trousers and booties. I also absolutely adore your coat!

    Such a brilliant outfit for a day at the museum!-)

  • Sterling replied 3 years ago

    I love the outfit.  I especially love the vest.  Vests may be the perfect garment for me (third piece, lighter than either a jacket or sweater, can easily remove if overheated).  I have yet one to find one I like though.  They all seem too short on me when I try them in the stores.  I am beginning to wonder if I need to shop "talls."  

  • kkards replied 3 years ago

    wow, that vest is fab! and i love it with that blouse...and the flares and booties --love this silhouette, you wear it very well
    and the exhibition sounds great.

  • unfrumped replied 3 years ago

    Triple plonk!
    Proportions are perfect. I love how the vest is relaxed yet slightly fitted at the same time. And the raincoat!

  • Muffin replied 3 years ago

    Sharan- brilliant looking as always! And as Unfrumped said "And the raincoat!"!!!.

    I hope to go to Seattle in December to see the YSL. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  • Mirjana replied 3 years ago

    WOW, fantastic outfit, you look great, great, great....as always. love all, especially west.

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    Wow, you look sensational! LOVE that Oksa vest on you. Just fantastic. It's wonderful with the print tee. It was the perfect fashionable outfit to see the show. 

  • Sara L. replied 3 years ago

    Great outfit!  I love the snake print tee and the vest together.  The cropped pants and booties look good on you.  I've tried this combo on myself and can't seem to leave the house wearing it.  I'm not sure if I don't have quite the right pieces or if I'm just not adjusted to the look on myself (I think it looks great on others).

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    Thanks, everyone!
    Staysfit, I didn't notice the Pliner boots being an unusual fit. I tried on my usual size and it felt good. I do have a high volume foot, though.

    Sara, I wonder what gives you trouble--is it the shape of the boots, maybe? I tried my cropped flare jeans (which are about the same silhouette as these black pants) with my new little combat style booties the other day, and I was surprised to find I didn't like the look at all. I tried it with skin showing and with dark socks taking up the gap, and didn't like either one. I decided I prefer a little bit of a heel and/or a taller shaft on the boots.

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Killer...... AGAIN. 


  • shedev replied 3 years ago

    Nice outfit. Love the vest with the top.

  • Brooklyn replied 3 years ago

    Very stylish! I love the waistcoat with your beautiful top. If I were in Seattle, I would be checking out your store for sure (and the YSL exhibition). 

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    You are all so sweet--thank you!

  • Joyce B replied 3 years ago

    That's a beautiful outfit!

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