WIW: a study in subtle difference

I thought it would be fun to re-try an outfit I wore the day before yesterday, with a slightly different denim shirt. I could certainly change the outfit in other ways, but since I came to the conclusion that it was the shirt, specifically, that was the not-quite-me element, I thought I would test that theory by changing that one thing. And I hit upon the idea of trying my other denim shirt. I wondered if the subtle difference in fabric and style would be discernible in the overall look. I discovered this outfit feels better to me, and I am much more comfortable in it. The fabric is so much drapier. Not sure how different it looks. Perhaps you will be my judge?

The outfit, worn for a day off (1-3): white boyfriend jeans (Kut from the Kloth, Catherine); tencel denim popover shirt (Side Stitched); bright coral coat (Eddie Bauer, Christine Trench); denim ballet flats (AGL); tan belt (Trafalgar); navy and tan satchel (Dooney & Bourke); blue and white striped earrings (gift).

(4): I'll switch to cream flat sandals (Haflinger) later in the day. 

For comparison (5-7): the same outfit with different denim shirt (Caslon).

Lantana made a good suggestion on my post yesterday, that my metallic booties would go nicely with the denim shirt and white jeans. I agree and will wear that one sometime, too! Thanks, Lantana.

Thanks for looking! I welcome your thoughts.

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  • bj1111 replied 6 years ago

    it looks just as great as yesterday's --it's not a subtle change since you changed the shoes and the bag to go with your choice of shirt. 

    i do like the drapiness of the shirt in this one.  silhouette feels a bit more youthful, fresher.

  • bj1111 replied 6 years ago

    Sharan, never mind what i said about not being a subtle change...i was still stuck on your fab bronzy beigey dream from a few days ago.  i thought "wow that's a whole nuther outfit, whatchotalkinboutwillis?"

  • Ingunn replied 6 years ago

    I like this better! The drape is significantly different, it adds a more interesting flair, and I think you look a lot more at ease in this version. Like Suz mentioned on another thread - chambray shirts are hard to get right, much harder than one would think. Both your shirts look great on you, however, but my guess is that this one is a lot more you

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    I completely agree! This one feels much better! 

  • kellygirl replied 6 years ago

    Surprised at how much difference the drape makes when compared side by side. It looks more luxe than the cotton rich one. Another great outfit! 

  • Staysfit replied 6 years ago

    I like the drape better in this one also. I think Tensil feels softer than standard cotton. Could that also account for the comfort factor?

  • replied 6 years ago

    Oh! I really get you Sharan. It's the Tencel, IMO. I didn't stop trying chambray shirts until I found a Tencel one. I think they just feel so much better. Both of these look fine to me, and the cotton one doesn't look overly stiff, but it is shorter. Do you think the differing length of these played a part as well? 

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    bj1111, too, too funny!
    yes, I think the Tencel is what makes this shirt feel more comfortable.
    Claire, the length is a key point, too. The longer shirt is easier to semi-tuck. The shorter one tends to come untucked on its own, feeling unkempt.

    Mo posted recently about upgrading a barely worn item, and this tencel shirt is kind of an example of that. I bought it maybe a year after I had found the other denim shirt. They seem to fulfill somewhat different purposes, though. I can wear the cotton one open over a tank or tee, whereas the tencel one has a placket front. The tencel can be worn as a short tunic. I like the front and back yoke on the tencel version, and the darker fabric on the cuff turn-backs and collar. 

  • Staysfit replied 6 years ago

    The cell phone auto-correct for Tencel is outrageous by the way.  Instead of Tencel, you get tonsil, tinsel, and if you are me, you end up with tensil!   The desk top spell check wants to change Tencel to Terence.  

  • fern replied 6 years ago

    Very interesting - love the drape and sheen of tencel version (tonsil? ha). I find these subtle upgrades very hard to judge when I'm shopping, but I clearly see the difference in your photos.

  • Caro in Oz replied 6 years ago

    This is really interesting. Fabrics really do make such a difference to a look. I think the darker colour looks better with the coat too.

  • Suz replied 6 years ago

    Nodding along with Caro. 

    What a great illustration (for your sewing students, too???) about the importance of small details. 

  • Day Vies replied 6 years ago

    I noticed the difference in the fit more than the fabric. In the older post (which appeals to the part of me that love structure and great fit) the shirt has less drape. It feels more starched and less relaxed. I'm used to seeing you in things that are a bit more relaxed and exhibit creative flare. The shirt from the older post looks "corporate casual" - not you at all. So I didn't hit upon the fabric difference at all!
    I think it's interesting that everyone else noticed the fabric (the sewing talent) and I focused on the fit. I think we notice most those things we are most familiar. 

  • shevia replied 6 years ago

    The difference for me is the drape of the first top - subtle but enough to make all the difference.

  • Firecracker replied 6 years ago

    Ingunn, I found Alana's chambray shirt discussion interesting, too. I had been keeping an eye out for a while, when I came across the first one. It fit so nicely, and I really like it. Then the other one came along and I had to pounce on it, too.

    Caro, interesting that you can detect a difference in the way the colors play with the coat. I prefer the darker color of the Tencel shirt, but I hadn't noticed its relationship to the coral.

    Day Vies, how interesting! You're right that the fit is quite different in the two, though.

    Fern and Suz, it does make for an informative illustration, then--good!

    Shevia, the drape is what feels so much better to me, too.

  • Lantana replied 6 years ago

    Yes, the drape makes a visible difference and, I imagine, allows you more freedom of movement. But I also like the first rendition.
    I am chuffed you liked my booties suggestion. I am not on the forum much these days so I hope I get to see the outfit.

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