Shorts options & today's outfit

On my cutoff outfit post earlier this week, CocoLion suggested I try shorter shorts. I dug around in my shorts drawer and found a couple of pairs I had hung onto. They are both pull-on styles, in linen or linen/cotton blend, with wider legs. I wondered if they could pass for the current short culotte styles we're seeing.
They are not pressed, so try to look beyond the fold marks from being stashed in the drawer.

I tried them on with the rest of my outfit today, shown here as well.

1-3: stone linen pull-on shorts (J.Jill); tiered tank in butter cream (CAbi); olive 3/4-sleeved cardigan (Halogen); brass and silver bead wrap bracelet (Lucky); arty dangle earrings with ceramic bead and silver disk; ivory platform sandals with ring detail (Naot)
4-6: black linen/cotton pull-on shorts with drawstring (made by me), with same as above.
7-9: as worn today, with DIY cutoffs (Lucky); cream belt; and taupe-gray hobo bag (Aunts & Uncles).

Should I revive either of these linen shorts, and wear them out of the house? If so, I could put together outfits that go better than these tops with them. Don't worry about offending me on the ones I made, either--they got plenty of wear, back when they were in style. I was a little heavier then, too, and filled them out a bit more.

Thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts.


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Wildcard styling attempts

I just discovered my wildcard for summer. It's a dress I finished a couple of weeks ago. I bought the fabric and pattern more than a year ago, but didn't make it up till now because I had reservations about the fabric. Still, I wanted to try the dress pattern, and so I forged ahead with this fabric figuring it would be a good test of the pattern anyway.
The dress has buttons up the front, cap sleeves, a collar with a drawstring that pulls on the inside if the collar is worn up, side pockets, princess seams that flare out to a billowy skirt that is reined back in slightly by a bottom panel, sort of lantern-style. The dress had a big pleat down the back, which I had to remove after I got finished, because it just created way too much fabric in the back; I would not have worn it that way.
It's kind of a precious design to begin with, and add to that the linen fabric I chose, with a big, bold floral design in blues, greens, and gray on a white background, and well, you have a dress that is not exactly what you'd normally catch me wearing. Why, you might ask, did I pick this fabric? I do like the print and the colors; it just has more white in it than I would typically wear, so it's not as muted as my usual choices.

Anyway, here are some attempts to style it. I bought some white leggings on sale to try with it; and I also tried it with some blue suede booties that are SE Petty lookalikes from DSW, which I bought on impulse today. They are such a great shade of blue for my wardrobe, I couldn't resist. Not until I got home with them did I think to try them with this linen dress. I would say the leggings and the blue suede booties are wildcards along with the dress. Very out of my comfort zone.

1-3: metallic cut-out peep-toe booties (Paul Green); collar is cinched in 2.
4-5: same, with white 3/4-sleeved cardigan (Nic & Zoe)
6-7: with denim ballet flats (AGL) and jean jacket (AG, Robyn)
8: with jean jacket and metallic ballet flats (AGL)
9-10: with cobalt 3/4-sleeved cardi (Halogen) and denim or metallic ballet flats
11: with cobalt cardi and gray leather sneakers (Josef Seibel, Caspian)
12-13: with cobalt cardi and gray wedge sandals (DV by Dolce Vita)
14: same outfit with white denim-knit leggings (Hue)
15-16: same, with blue suede Petty look-alike booties (DSW's Crown Vintage, Tabitha)
17-18: jean jacket, white leggings, blue suede booties
19-20: jean jacket, white leggings, gray wedge sandals
21-22: same but with olive 3/4-sleeved cardi (Halogen)
23-24: same but with gray sneakers

I would love your opinions and suggestions on these attempts or other ideas you may have. I
have tried different toppers with it, because until we get another heat
wave or I go on a tropical vacation, I won't be able to wear it
bare-armed. To use Angie's expression, I definitely run cold. I am not
inclined to buy new things (beyond the leggings--and the tags are still
on those!--to make this dress work; it's just such an oddity for me.


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