WIW: denim skirt ensemble

My denim skirt isn't a traditional jean skirt, but it is a pencil skirt. It has layers across the front panel, sort of mermaid-style. I tried Angie's formula today and felt not exactly fab, but okay for a day of work. The ensembles give me something new to try, and that's fun, even when I come up with an outfit I might not want to repeat piece for piece.

The outfit (worn to work):
Denim layered pencil skirt (Tribal); silk reptile print tee in blues, green, black, and ivory (made by me); black boiled wool bomber with faux leather sleeves (Halogen); black loafers (Munro, Kimi); black leather satchel (Elliott Lucca, Olvera); blue stone teardrop earrings; indigo fishnets (Commando). I wore the bomber jacket as outerwear and took it off at work.

How might I tweak this outfit to make it one I'd want to wear next time?

Comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks for looking.


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WIW: 2 days of distressed jeans

I wore my distressed skinny boyfriend jeans yesterday and again today, before I had to change for work this evening. Today I covered them up more with a long cardigan, and I kind of liked keeping the showy pockets hidden for a change. I would not have tried on these jeans, let alone bought them, without the encouragement of the owner of the small boutique where I bought them. They have turned out to be one of my most comfortable pairs of jeans and real workhorses for casual dressing on my days off. I like good kinds of fashion surprises like these.

The outfits:
1-3 (worn for a day off): distressed skinny boyfriend jeans (Silver); taupe v-neck ruched slub-knit tee (Caslon); neutral toned scarf (Asian Eye); oatmeal 3/4-sleeved cardigan (Halogen); pewter leather cutout belt (Fossil); taupe metallic suede high-top sneakers (Paul Green); teal short trench coat (Ambition); taupe hobo bag (Aunts & Uncles).
4-5 (worn for a day off): same jeans, art nouveau print pieced tee in greens, taupe, ivory, and pink (made by me); taupe linen 3/4-sleeved long cardigan (Nic & Zoe); stone and cream leather belt (Annette Goertz); taupe metallic cutout peep-toe booties (Paul Green, Tacey).
6-8 (worn for work): same outfit, with a change to greenish-gray slouchy cropped pants, rolled (Annette Goertz) in place of the jeans.

Did I do okay on the pants roll in 6-8? I do not have an eye for PPL on crops. 

Thanks for looking! Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


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WIW: end of summer white & brown

Finally tried out the summer white and brown ensemble. I wore white jeans with a brown and white top. I'm not sure that I've ever worn this top with white jeans before, even though it seems an obvious pairing.

I tried two versions, one with metallic high-top sneakers and the other with brown metallic booties. I went with the booties. Which do you like better? 

The outfit, worn for a day off and piano lesson (1-3): white bootcut jeans (Lucky, Lola); white and brown wavy stripe knit cowl-neck top (made by me); brown belt (B-low the Belt); brown metallic booties (Donald J. Pliner), bright coral coat (Eddie Bauer, Christine Trench); brown and taupe croc-embossed tote (Brahmin).

Same outfit, different shoes (4-5): with metallic high-top sneakers (Paul Green).

Thanks for looking! I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


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WIW: plaid and ruffles

I tried a version of Angie's plaid shirt ensemble. My plaid shirt is an ombre plaid peasant blouse. Instead of a lace skirt, I wore one made of ruffled knit fabric.

The outfit (worn to work): burgundy, gray, and black ombre plaid wool gauze peasant blouse (made by me); ruffled-knit tube skirt (made by me); black sling-back Mary Janes (Think! Aida); black satchel (Elliott Lucca, Olvera); silver pave disk earrings (Lucky).

This outfit had a medium happiness factor. I like it the pieces, and I think I like them together, but the skirt isn't comfortable. I realize I need to make another one, or remake this one. The lining I put in it doesn't prevent it from being see-through, and so I have to wear a slip with it. And with the tight fit of the skirt, the slip bunches up repeatedly throughout the day--aaargh! That can definitely put a damper on one's outfit happiness, don't you think?

Thanks for looking! Thoughts and suggestions welcome!


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WIW: more summer--2 outfits

Summer returned, and it's fun to come up with warm-weather outfits that are looking forward to fall.
Today I wore my Eileen Fisher knock-off skirt and left the inner ties undone, rather than drawing up the hem. (I debuted it here, with a couple of the ties done up.) I paired it with a top in some of my favorite moody colors that has 2/3-length sleeves--both the colors and sleeves are my nod to fall.
Yesterday I wore bootcut jeans in a dark wash, fully expecting to change into jeans cutoffs later in the day, but I ended up leaving on the full-length jeans all day. It was a dry day, perfect for bootcuts!

The outfits:
1-3 (worn to work, Sunday): Eileen Fisher knock-off flax linen 8-panel tie-up skirt (made by me); taupe, gray, and eggplant floral rayon knit ballet-neck, 2/3-sleeved tee (made by me); metallic cutout peep-toe booties (Paul Green, Tacey); silver pave disk earrings (Lucky); pewter leather band crystal-studded disk bracelet; taupe hobo bag (Aunts & Uncles).

4-6 (worn for a day off, Saturday): dark blue bootcut jeans (Lucky, Sweet Jean); navy and cream destroyed-stripe boxy tee (made by me); cream belt; cream platform sandals (Naot); stone hemp hooded zip jacket (Layers Squared); hammered silver layered hoop earrings; navy and tan satchel (Dooney & Bourke).

Any suggestions and thoughts are welcome! Thanks for looking.


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WIW: drapey dress and cropped moto

You've seen this dress before. The cropped moto is new. I bought it at the end of spring on sale and finally broke it out today, after weather too warm to wear it this summer. I had been wanting a non-leather moto-style jacket for a while, and I thought this cropped version would be fun with a lot of outfits. So far, I'm finding it a little hard to style, though I think it will go nicely with dresses and flowy tops. Probably will pair well with my tunics. Your ideas or inspiration photos are welcome!

The outfit, worn to work: gray and black brushstroke print knit dress with drape pockets (made by me); black reversible cami (Shimera); cropped black denim moto (Free People); black sling-back Mary Janes (Think! Aida); black satchel (Elliott Lucca, Olvera); silver and brass necklace and earrings (Marjorie Baer).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and styling suggestions, and thanks for looking!


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WIW: a study in subtle difference

I thought it would be fun to re-try an outfit I wore the day before yesterday, with a slightly different denim shirt. I could certainly change the outfit in other ways, but since I came to the conclusion that it was the shirt, specifically, that was the not-quite-me element, I thought I would test that theory by changing that one thing. And I hit upon the idea of trying my other denim shirt. I wondered if the subtle difference in fabric and style would be discernible in the overall look. I discovered this outfit feels better to me, and I am much more comfortable in it. The fabric is so much drapier. Not sure how different it looks. Perhaps you will be my judge?

The outfit, worn for a day off (1-3): white boyfriend jeans (Kut from the Kloth, Catherine); tencel denim popover shirt (Side Stitched); bright coral coat (Eddie Bauer, Christine Trench); denim ballet flats (AGL); tan belt (Trafalgar); navy and tan satchel (Dooney & Bourke); blue and white striped earrings (gift).

(4): I'll switch to cream flat sandals (Haflinger) later in the day. 

For comparison (5-7): the same outfit with different denim shirt (Caslon).

Lantana made a good suggestion on my post yesterday, that my metallic booties would go nicely with the denim shirt and white jeans. I agree and will wear that one sometime, too! Thanks, Lantana.

Thanks for looking! I welcome your thoughts.


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WIW: slouchy jeans and cardigan

Today I made a point of wearing favorite pieces, after yesterday's outfit that felt just slightly out of character. These jeans and cardigan are super comfy, and I like their laid-back style. The tee and sweater are among my favorite neutral shades: dark olive and taupe. I added a favorite belt and shoes. I almost added my olive coat but chose a bright one, to avoid adding yet another neutral and because it slides on easily over the sweater. I probably won't need the coat later in the day.

The outfit (worn for a day off and out to breakfast): skinny boyfriend distressed jeans (Silver, Lola Boyfriend Skinny); olive modal short-sleeved tee (Caslon); taupe and white cotton chunky hand-knit sweater (Amy Brill); pewter cutout belt (Fossil); bright coral coat (Eddie Bauer, Christine Trench); arty metal disk and greenish bead earrings; metallic cutout peep-toe booties (Paul Green, Tacey); taupe hobo bag (Aunts & Uncles).

Thoughts and suggestions welcome! Thanks for looking.


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WIW: channeling Ingunn, sort of

Today's outfit of white jeans and blue chambray button down shirt with tan belt and bright coat made me think of Ingunn. Looking at my photos, I think I don't channel Ingunn very successfully. Her looks are so polished, and I feel, I don't know--less polished or perhaps just lacking that little something special that she always adds. But I should say I didn't set out to channel Ingunn's style, I just thought of her once I had the outfit on. Ingunn, if you're reading this, I hope I haven't offended you by musing on your style here!

So anyway, I wonder if my idea of polished is a little less than polished. I recall a discussion of polished versus RATE style here on YLF--Angie asked which team we were on a few years ago--and I swear I answered that I was on team RATE, but I don't actually see an answer from me on that thread. Anyway, I think I'm probably not RATE. But I'm not really polished, either.

This outfit felt fine, regardless. It's not what I would call quintessentially "me," but I'm comfortable in. And I love the jeans--so glad I got them.

The outfit (worn Tuesday for a day off): white boyfriend jeans (Kut from the Kloth, Catherine); blue chambray shirt (Caslon); tan belt (Trafalgar); denim cap-toe ballet flats (AGL); navy and tan satchel (Dooney & Bourke); bright coral trench coat (Eddie Bauer, Christine Trench); blue and white striped earrings (gift).
A little detail. . . These jeans have a triple belt loop in center back, and I'm not crazy about it, for some reason. I've discovered I like the look better, if I just skip the middle belt loop!

Thanks for looking! Thoughts and suggestions welcome, as always!


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WIW: transitional dressing in arty tees

A couple of work outfits here. Coincidentally, both feature raglan-sleeved tees made from the same pattern. The tee in the second outfit reflects an alteration to the pattern that added some fabric to the back in a pleat, giving it a swing shape. I really like both of these t-shirts, but the first one is especially fun to me. I always get compliments on it. These outfits feel like transitional dressing: wearing some summer pieces while leaning toward fall. I wore the jackets for the cool mornings, but didn't need them later in the day.

The outfits:

1-3 (worn to work Sunday): olive chinos with brass studs down the sides (Lucky); mixed-print raglan sleeve tee in purple, green, off-white, teal, red burnout print and charcoal and ivory stripe (made by me); stone and cream leather belt (Annette Goertz); brass and silver earrings and brass and silver bead bracelet (Lucky); stone hemp zip up hooded jacket (Layers Squared); gray platform sandals (DV by Dolce Vita); taupe hobo bag (Aunts & Uncles).

4-6 (worn to work Monday): stone linen trousers (NYDJ, Wylie); purple, ivory, and black mixed zebra print and striped raglan-sleeved swing tee (made by me); pewter leather cutout belt (Fossil); olive jacket (Laundry by Shelli Segal); taupe metallic suede high-top sneakers (Paul Green); taupe hobo bag (Aunts & Uncles).

Thanks for looking! All comments and suggestions welcome.



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